What is Pinoypro Sports Training Center?

Pinoypro Sports Training Center (PSTC), coaching tennis at the Rizal Memorial Stadium Manila and UP Diliman Quezon City provides professional tennis lessons for all ages and skill level. Dedication, determination, drive and expertise form the foundation with a goal to assist each player or even athlete in achieving success, by developing skills, techniques and promoting high level of self discipline.

The Coaches of PSTC, are well experienced instructor for more than 15 years, both in the field of professional and non-professional coaching. We also support and provide high quality assistance to non-professional tennis coach who are teaching for decades, and has made tennis coaching their way of living of whom are exposed to various tournaments in the metro and local provinces; they are the most important component of PSTC who has the mission to pass their legacy and skills to our beloved students.



For kids age 5-12, this is a fun thrilled tennis games for your children to develop their skills earlier, and to promote discipline and become a future tennis player and to love playing a game.


Teens Tennis from age 12-17.A training to prepare for friendly matches, competitions and promote both wellness and the basic of the sports focusing on unleashing tennis skills.


Whether to become a professional tennis athlete or develop further your winnings skills this training is intended to improve and develop strategies and techniques to become a pro.


Training to be held at schools and universities to encourage students find leisure and can become part of the course at the very comfort of their campus.


Tennis for a group either your friends or families has never been so much fun, it develop coordination and camaraderie among others.


In this training, participants can expect group development and cooperation with courses and activities designed for a larger number.

Pinoypro Tennis is more than a tennis lesson. In PSTC, we want our students to grow mentally and physically by providing quality coaching techniques, gauging of players progress, as well as into cross training. We also seek and support younger generation to prepare and become the future athletes and leaders of the Philippines. PSTC players will grow and will learn to work as an ace team player.

Kids Tennis Lesson while picking up the balls.

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